Delicious and Healthy Breakfast

Delicious Breakfast Meals Your Body Can Rely On

Healthy eating is a noble goal, but it’s not always the easiest one to achieve. If planning out breakfasts is proving to be particularly challenging for you, take a look at some of my mouth-watering breakfast suggestions and insights below.

Why Breakfast Matters

Breakfast MealIf you’re interested in eating healthier, your ultimate goal might be to shed a few unwanted pounds. In that situation, it’s very tempting to skip breakfast to cut down on your overall calorie intake. This is a big mistake! If you spend a full night asleep and then try to power all the way to lunch using last night’s dinner, you’re effectively fasting for 16 hours.

This isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s actually unhealthy. It’ll slow down your metabolism and tempt to satisfy your hunger cravings with unhealthy snacks. You’re also very likely to overeat at lunch, further messing up your metabolism and making you sluggish in the afternoon.


Breakfast Meal - oatmealAs you’re most probably aware, oatmeal is a terrific way to start your day. It’s filling and it does deliver tons of fiber and healthy carbohydrates which can then turn your body into long-lasting energy. If the blandness is a problem – and it definitely can be – spice things up by baking your oatmeal into muffins! Just add a little sugar to keep them healthy. You can make them more flavorful using vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Top your muffins with fresh-sliced fruit or add dried fruit to the mix before you bake them.


If you want to load up on protein for an early morning workout, try baking quiche. This is normally not a breakfast option that works well on the go, but you can miniaturize your quiches by hauling out that trusty muffin tray and baking bite-sized ones. Chop up some fresh vegetables (peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach all work well) and saute them lightly in olive oil before adding them to whisked eggs.


Breakfast meal - avocadoAvocados are slowly growing more common on the American breakfast table. If you haven’t tried adding these super foods to your morning menu, consider adding it today and I’m sure you’ll discover something in it that seems addictive. Avocado chunks work great in a wide range of breakfast recipes from omelets to breakfast sandwiches. They deliver dozens of different vitamins and minerals, and they’re an excellent source of healthy fats that really power you through your day.

Fruit Juices

Breakfast meal - juicesAs a general tip, try taking pre-packaged fruit juices off the breakfast table. Although they’re tasty and they have vitamins, they’re also loaded with natural and added sugars. Juice your own fruit if you must take them in liquid form. Another excellent alternative is to munch on fresh sliced fruits instead. They can also impart a sweet, fresh flavor to a host of different breakfast meals.


Be super creative in your quest for the perfect healthy breakfast! There’s really no limit to the number of different ingredients and recipes available to you. Anything that delivers the nutrition your body needs without any downside is worth trying. If you strike on a breakfast formula that tastes great too, you’ll make your first meal of the day that is much more enjoyable! You may want to try my fave breakfast recipes from this YouTube star.